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BALL, BALLView, and their subprojects are currently being developed in the
academic research groups of

Active developers

  • Luis de la Garza
  • Andreas Hildebrandt
  • Anna Katharina Hildebrandt
  • Thomas Kemmer
  • Oliver Kohlbacher
  • Jens Krüger
  • Hans-Peter Lenhof
  • Charlotta Schärfe
  • Daniel Stöckel
  • Philipp Thiel

Hall of Fame

  • Tim Aubertin
  • Christian Bender
  • Andreas Bertsch
  • Lisa Katharina Blaß
  • Nicolas Pascal Boghossian
  • Hans-Philipp Brachvogel
  • Andreas Burchardt
  • Andreas Crauser
  • Nina Fischer
  • Holger Franken
  • Jan Fuhrmann
  • Carla Haid
  • Andreas Kerzmann
  • Heiko Klein
  • Benny Kneissl
  • Bettina Leonhardt
  • Andreas Moll
  • Peter Müller
  • Sabine Müller
  • Stefan Nickels
  • Marc Röttig
  • Alexander Rurainski
  • Lara Schneider
  • Stefan Schuh
  • Marcel Schumann
  • Stefan Strobel
  • Marc Sturm
  • Nora Toussaint
  • Hongbo Zhu
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Moved to GitHub

October 19, 2015October 19, 2015
Source code, bugtracker, and wiki moved to GitHub!

Developer Retreat 2015.1

February 22, 2015February 22, 2015
BALL_Dev_Retreat_2015 We met in Saarbrücken to plan the further development of BALL. In the near future you will find more information on our new website. Code and bugtracker will move to GitHub!

ballaxy Tools Released

August 7, 2014August 7, 2014

A new release of BALL and BALLView containing our new ballaxy tools is availably.

This new release offers, besides bugfixes, our new ballaxy workflow framework for structure based computational biology. The framework consists of command line tools, a ballaxy workflow server, based on the popular Galaxy workflow engine, offering those tools and a ballaxy plugin for BALLView which allows interaction with a ballaxy server instance. More information, e.g. a list of current tools, our live ballaxy server or instructions on how to set up your own ballaxy instance using docker can be found here. Enjoy!

BALL 1.4 Released

January 28, 2013January 28, 2013

A new stable release for BALL is now available.

This new release mainly focuses on compile and bug fixes. The most user visible changes are probably the rework of the Pubchem Downloader in BALLView, which now uses the new REST interface provided by Pubchem.